Weekend 5: Friday, October 2nd

  1. This weekend, talk to at least one friend or family member about the Unity Movement. Explain the problems you see in the country and why Unity is so important!

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  3. Did you catch last night’s CampfireX? Watch it again or share with your friends on our YouTube channel.

  4. Check out Campfire Clips, made by our amazing Unity volunteers! What a great way to relive your favorite Campfire moments.

  5. What’s the top topic of the Unity Discussion board?

Daily 5: Thursday, October 1st

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  4. Want to discuss Unity with fellow patriots? Let your voice be heard at discuss.articlesofunity.org 

  5. Did you miss last night’s Campfire with Bret Weinstein, Anusar Farooqui, and Micheal Lind? Check it out here!

Daily 5: Wednesday, September 30th

  1. Don’t miss tonight’s Campfire with Bret Weinstein, Anusar Farooqui, and Micheal Lind. We go live at 5pm PT / 8 pm ET!

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  4. Host a Campfire viewing party tonight for your family & friends!

  5. Light a candle in the spirit of Campfire!

Daily 5: Tuesday, September 29th

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Pivoting to a Unity Movement

Dear Volunteers,

With the suspension of the Unity2020 initiative many of you are asking, what’s next and what can we do right now? From an organizational standpoint, achieving long-term sustainability means transitioning from a movement made up entirely of volunteers into an entity with the ability to raise funds, hire a dedicated staff and develop long-term strategic initiatives going forward. Volunteers will continue to be a critical piece of the Unity Movement and the organization right now and going forward.

So what about right now? While the Unity2020 initiative has been suspended, the problem we originally set out to solve remains, and so does our resolve to see our mission through to its completion. No matter what organizational form we take, the larger purpose of the Unity Movement remains—we must rescue the Republic from the politics of division.  

On a one-to-one scale, we already know how to do this. It’s what we have been doing for months on Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Reddit, Discord, and in person with family, friends, and Unity peers. We must now do so at scale, not resting until Unity is a household name.

As we transition, our focus is still on growth. We have a window of opportunity before the election where the cultural climate is still politically-charged and the Unity Movement can be a place of refuge for those seeking an alternative to the two-party system and the promise of change. We ask that you continue to join us in spreading the word and growing the movement;  continue to reach out to our local communities and governments and build connections; continue making art, posting on social media, and organizing teams; continue educating ourselves and sharing with others about non-partisan leaders who exemplify capability, courage, and patriotism. And keep supporting each other.

Campfire, CampfireX, and Campfire S’mores will continue unless otherwise stated. Please continue to monitor emails, campfires, and social media for further updates. 

In Unity,

Team Unity