Frequently Asked Questions

Is this timeline Viable?

Yes — but only if you sign up! Unity2020 is 100% people-powered. Elections in the United States have become big business, one which now selects candidates who are more interested in being elected than in governing.  The DNC and GOP spend hundreds of millions of dollars each election cycle to spin false narratives, turn citizens into enemies, and protect vested interests.

The short timeline for Unity2020 is our advantage. By not exposing our candidates to months of focused smearing and opposition, we actually improve our chances of success. We will draft the best candidates available, and allow the public to decide.

Why not 2024?

At every election we are told that the stakes are too high for an independent ticket, that “it’s not the right time.” Well, a lack of viable independent challengers has only led to more corruption, more accusations of political illegitimacy, and more public disengagement. If every election is more dire than the last, we ask you:

If not now, when?

As long as we remain stuck in this repetitive cycle, it will never be the right year.  Our two dominant political parties are entirely consumed by partisan politics and are clearly uninterested in providing serious leadership that would address an ever-expanding list of real problems. In fact, our two main parties are often the cause of our biggest problems.  

In 2020, we have already seen: a failed impeachment; a mismanaged pandemic; widespread violence in the streets; a needlessly severe economic crisis caused by an ineffectual lockdown; police brutality followed by calls to abolish local police forces; skyrocketing crime and murder rates in cities that have abolished the police; and municipal abdication of authority, law,  and order in the face of demands from the most violent protesters.  Furthermore, our institutions are falling victim to dangerous ideologies at the encouragement of Republicans and Democrats alike.  The mainstream media has largely abandoned journalistic standards and ethics, and now publicly calls for activism instead of truthfulness, objectivity, accuracy, fairness, impartiality, and public accountability.

And despite these challenges, the parties have failed to provide us with a single credible national leader to steer us away from disaster.  We cannot afford to continue down this path, while we wait for a more convenient time. 

Who are the candidates?

In a typical election year, Republican, Democratic, and independent candidates alike are subject to vicious attacks from highly organized institutions over many months. It has become politically and socially impossible to run for office without abandoning the public interest in exchange for protection and support from the main parties. 

To address this issue and show the American people that we don’t need political parties or mainstream media to elect our leaders, we are asking the American public to commit to a plan, and not to specific candidates.  The plan is to avoid the corrupt convention process altogether, and to instead nominate candidates through an expedited public input process that allows all interested Americans to participate.  It is then up to the individuals selected to accept our nomination.  

All we ask is this: if Unity2020 delivers on its promise to provide you with two courageous, capable patriots with a viable path to victory in your state, will you vote for them? You can always return to your usual corner if we fail to do so.  There is nothing to lose, and the future of our country to gain.

Once you have nominees, what is the plan to get on the ballot?

There are multiple paths to state ballots, even at this late stage.  We must reach a groundswell of support which will allow viable candidates to step forward. Before then, releasing our ballot plans would invite obstruction. Imagine this in terms of sports… would you reveal your game plan to the opposing team?  

First things first. We need to grow a massive groundswell as quickly as possible, to provide candidates with the political and social cover to step into the public eye.  This means that ballot access depends on you, so please sign up for our email list. Subscribe to and follow our social media channels. Spread the word to your family and friends. The future of the Republic depends on you.

Is Unity2020 a political party?

No. Unity2020 is a plan to amplify the voices of the majority of Americans who have been abandoned by the two main parties. It is a plan to neutralize the influence of these parties, which maintain a monopoly over our national conversation.  

The parties are the problem in our system. They are not necessary. Nowhere are they mentioned in our constitution.  Unity2020 seeks to break the pattern of party affiliation, by creating a movement of concerned patriots who demand true leadership which protects the public interest and builds a better future for all Americans.

This sounds like “Centrism.”  Is this going to be a “Compromise Ticket?”

No. This movement is not about “centrism.”  The patriotic center is not an ideology. It is a place where we all meet to arrive at solutions to shared problems.  We need to create an environment free from corruption, where Americans with differing points of view can have a seat at the table, and negotiate for solutions that truly serve the American people.

What are the policies?

Since the 1800s, party campaigns have been selling policy and promises which are quickly forgotten or betrayed once the party is in power. 
We believe that leaders should talk about values and strategies for solving problems, rather than pretending to have answers for all problems. Furthermore, it is misleading for the parties to pretend that policy creation is the job of the executive branch of our government, when it is in fact Congress which has the power to create law.  It is the corruption of both parties which allows this false narrative to persist.

But what if a third major ticket spoils the election?

The Unity2020 plan has two failsafes to prevent spoiling the election.  

First, it is engineered to draw equally from disillusioned members of both political parties.  If you take the number of voters who self-identify as “independent”, and then add the potential voters who are currently disengaged because partisan politics don’t serve their interests, we could create a voting bloc representing as much as eighty-six percent (86%) of the country. 

Second, if a Unity2020 ticket has no viable path to the White House by a certain point, we will pull the plug, and all voters can return to their previous corners. 

Even if Unity2020 pulls the plug, the worst that can happen is that millions of Americans would send a strong signal that partisan corruption will no longer be tolerated.

I’m still not convinced that Unity2020 won’t be an election spoiler and I’d rather vote for the “lesser evil.”

We understand. We have been told to vote for the “lesser evil” for generations, and we have almost forgotten what non-evil, “greater good” politics might look like.

We challenge our fellow Americans to become more ambitious. To unlearn our political domestication. To stop settling for a poor choice.

We are so used to dysfunctional leadership that some of us now submit to the duopoly without thought, and struggle to imagine anything better.  Until we raise the bar and demand that our elected officials meet a higher standard, we will find ourselves in the same position, election after election.

Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done. – Louis Brandeis

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt