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Suspending Unity2020—and launching a movement

We posted this today in our Slack channel.

Dear Unity Supporters,

If you are receiving this message, it means you are one of tens of thousands of Americans from all walks of life and every corner of the political landscape that see our nation in crisis. What’s more, you see that crisis clearly enough to know that it will not be solved by the election of Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

You have been patriotic, you have set aside your ideology and have been moved to action, joining together to pursue a path forward for the nation. You have offered your time, resources and talents to the cause of Unity, galvanizing a nation torn apart by partisan politics. You have created an organic, self-sustaining movement with more honest collaboration across political divides than our government has seen in decades.

We want to take a moment to recognize the achievement, and to express our gratitude.

Unity2020 was always a longshot. We pursued it to divert the republic from the peril inherent in the 2020 election. But recognition of the danger has grown too slowly—many still see the hazard on one side or the other. Ballots are being printed and some are already in the hands of voters.

When we announced this plan, we promised to avoid playing the role of the spoiler. We said that if the Unity ticket did not have a viable path to the White House, we would suspend Unity2020. Tonight, we are carrying through on that promise. We do this with considerable trepidation, knowing that the danger has not passed but instead has grown as the election nears. Nonetheless, we are confident that this is the wise course.

We want Unity supporters to know what this does and does not mean.
Unity2020 was an initiative of the Unity Movement. The initiative is being suspended so that the movement can focus on its larger purpose – protecting the republic from the politics of division. While we will now refocus our efforts on the longer term, the short term plan remains possible. If catastrophic events were to shock the electorate sufficiently to make Unity 2020 viable, we stand ready to reactivate it. Assuming that does not happen, we urge Unity supporters to vote their conscience.

The danger we are in is the consequence of rampant corruption sanitized by our major parties. For us, the next step is clear. We must support candidates of integrity down the ballot, sound the alarm on the crisis we face, and educate our fellow Americans on the systemic failures that led us here. We must find new ways to free ourselves from the trap of the lesser evil. We must empower those who fight against corruption.

We must do all these things and more because now more than ever, our country needs us.

The United States is not a perfect nation, but it constitutes a quantum human leap in the right direction. The Unity movement is composed of people who understand the value the United States has brought to the world, and the obligation we have to defend it. The movement must grow, and it will.

We look forward to collaborating with you to steer our nation out of these dangerous waters.

In hope, solidarity and service,

Team Unity

Right the Ship

A rogue wave is an unusually large, unexpected, and spontaneous surface wave that can be catastrophic to even the largest of ships. Our country is the ship, and we haven’t sunk yet, but the rogue waves of troubling events aren’t over. The year 2020 has already been unpredictable and unprecedented. No one can deny we are in stormy waters, on a listing, pitching, and rolling ship. All patriots want to see the ship righted, so we can chart a new course to better days. 

Unity2020 is not a “lifeboat” option, because we don’t intend to abandon ship. Rather we aim to draft a captain and first mate, whose interests are aligned with the crew. We are drafting leadership who can navigate us beyond these dangerous waters. We need your help to do it. Help us elect a President and Vice President who will see us through this, because, in our current position, we are too exposed to keeling over.

We often hear things like “Life will settle down after the election and return to normal” or “Unity2020 will have to wait and become Unity2024.” We really want to believe this, because returning to “normal” sounds good. It’s reassuring. But the evidence is showing otherwise. Too many unheralded events have already happened this year, and their underlying causes are exposing the vulnerabilities in our system. In the aftermath of Covid-19, these vulnerabilities—many of which have been decades in the making—are cracking wide open.

We’ve seen these systemic problems building for years. Jobs leave our country for cheaper labor overseas, yet our GDP has continued to rise as average income has remained stagnant. Market collapses disproportionately affect those who don’t qualify for ‘bailouts,’ showing how opportunity itself has been hoarded by the few. Financial growth has increasingly been decoupled from economic growth.

Marxist and Deconstructivist ideologies have seeped into our school curricula, leading to indoctrination rather than education. Media organizations have picked ideological sides as they’ve tried to maintain revenue streams while their audience has been lost to online content. Social media organizations optimize their algorithms for ‘time on platform,’ making their users the product.

The left/right rhetoric has been amplified to divide Americans so that power and influence for the few can be maintained at the expense of our republic. Foreign actors are doing to their best to amplify the divisiveness. All of these factors have set the dominos in position.

Covid-19, and all it has brought with it, is the catalyzing force that has started to knock the dominos down. Death, sickness, forced lockdowns, job losses, isolation, and distrust of long-standing institutions have added to the above systemic problems. This is what we’re experiencing now. 

We know more rogue waves are coming, but from which direction, or to what heights the wave-tops will reach, we can’t be sure. This has been the year of unforeseen waves, and while no one wants to see more come to pass, they are foreshadowed on the horizon.

What will happen if the jury sitting for an officer-involved shooting case returns a verdict that doesn’t satisfy the enraged masses? What if a presidential candidate contracts Covid-19? Is it possible that Covid-19 could undo trade tariffs in an already strained relationship with China? Could the United States face another round of lockdowns, as autumn moves us indoors? How long can the already unemployed hold on, with eviction moratoriums set to expire soon?

Will presidential debates bring reasoned discourse and unity to the nation, or will they be sideshows of rancor that ignore the real issues? Do we think the election will be hotly, yet peacefully, contested—or descend into violent chaos?

Will riots in our cities find a way to provoke a violent federal response? Will police departments get the funding they need to properly train their officers to enforce the law with minimal use of force? Will our nation’s detractors attempt to take advantage of our in-fighting, or will they respect our internal differences and give us space?

The probability that any single event will become the rogue wave that capsizes the ship is fairly low. The probability that at least one of these events—or similar events—happens, is remarkably high. We must recognize this unique moment in our history, and decisively act to elect leadership to restore stability.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

We need YOU to right the ship.

Sincerely, and In Service,

The Unity2020 Team

Twitter ban coverage on “The Hill”

Bret Weinstein appeared on The Hill a few days ago, with Saagar Enjeti, to discuss Twitter’s ongoing suspension of Unity2020’s official @ArticlesOfUnity Twitter account.

Press release for our Twitter ban


Email: outreach@articlesofunity.com
Date: 9/9/20

Articles of Unity

Twitter engages in voter suppression by censoring a coalition of private citizens from speaking about a Unity ticket for the Nov 3rd Presidential election.

Abraham Lincoln resolved “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” Unity2020 is a Presidential Draft organized by a coalition of citizens who believe our nation is in peril, and that the two major political parties have each presented presidential candidates who are unfit to lead the country. Our Unity Ticket is designed to draw equally from both parties, as well as to activate non-voters. We have a ballot access plan that poses a credible threat to the establishment, should we succeed.

Pursuant to this mission, hundreds of Unity2020 members tweeted #JustSayNoToDonaldAndJoe during the final night of the RNC on August 27th. The hashtag struck a chord, exploding in popularity among thousands of additional Twitter users who joined in the discussion. At its peak, Twitter reported “13.9k others are tweeting about this,” and our message was making an impression on nearly one hundred thousand Twitter users. The hashtag was trending, and drove an unprecedented spike in traffic to the Unity2020 website, at ArticlesOfUnity.org.

Abruptly, Twitter banned links to ArticlesOfUnity.org and suspended the accounts of many Unity2020 members. This suspension included the Unity2020 Twitter handle @ArticlesOfUnity, which has 25.5k followers. We conducted a thorough internal audit and found nothing that would substantiate our suspension. To date, Twitter has offered no public explanation for these actions despite a large outcry against this apparently flagrant act of censorship. Notably, Twitter has given millions of dollars in donations to political causes and is routinely accused of censoring messages for political reasons, particularly views that challenge the political establishment.

Two days after Twitter’s censure of Unity2020, Eric Weinstein reported he was speaking directly with Twitter Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey about the matter. Twitter has since unblocked the ArticlesOfUnity.org link from being shared, but continues to flag the link as suspicious in private messages and deboosts any tweets that link to the website. Furthermore, many suspensions remain in effect, including the official @ArticlesOfUnity Twitter account and the individual accounts of Americans who support the Unity2020 movement. We view this peculiar, partial reversal as an admission of overreach, and we call on Twitter to immediately lift all restrictions and to give a detailed public explanation as to why they took place and ensure that this does not happen to those who challenge the political status quo moving forward. Follow @AoUHistory for a record of censored tweets.

About Unity2020

Unity2020 is neither partisan nor a political party. Rather, we are a coalition of individuals from the left, the right, and everywhere in between. We are united by a strong sense of patriotism and a desire to end the corrupt two-party duopoly which dominates American politics. We are drafting a 2020 presidential ticket comprising two candidates (one from the political left and one from the right) who meet three basic criteria: they are courageous, they are highly capable, and they are patriotic.

Abraham Lincoln warned, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” We are more divided than at any time in recent memory, and we believe Unity2020 is our most immediate path to a unified future.

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